Mid East Racing 

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Talk about being behind the eight ball....that is me!!  The Gobbler was a great weekend of racing.  From all the reviews that I read, 90% of the riders enjoyed the track.  Yes, it was tight but it was a new track and that was to be expected.  When we go back, things will seem a little more open on those trails, but  more new trails will be cut  in.

This weekend, we are in Martinsville Virginia at Catfish Pond.  Last year was our first year racing there and everyone loved the track.  Buren and track crew arrived there yesterday to start laying out the track.  I will post mileage and information about the track as soon as they share with me.

Marcus with Cool Cycle is hosting a fishing tournament again this year.  Information from Marcus is that it will be a 2 hour tournament and will start when he gets to the pond and tells everyone to put rods in the water.  Prizes will be awarded for biggest fish and other things.  Marcus said he will let me know what the prizes are and I will post them .

It is always interesting to me to read the comments on Facebook after an event.  Some of them are so funny, some are matter of fact and some are just cruel.  Whenever you post on Mideast Facebook, please remember that everyone can see it, those who race with us, those who don't race with us, our sponsors and our potential sponsors.  We may not all agree all the time with everything or everybody, but we should respect each others opinions.  There have been recent events that have happened that are causing new riders and their families to second guess their decision to be a part of Mideast.  That is not what we want as staff and I would hope that is not what you would want as a member of the Mideast family. 

Daily we have the opportunity to be thankful for so many things .  In your quite times, please remember Brian Walker, Dalton Plott as he recovers from shoulder surgery, Levi and Noah Walker as they grieve the loss of their father, and I know that we all have unspoken prayer requests that we would like lifted up.  Our country and the leaders need prayer that they are making the right decisions for all of us.  

Summer is here.  This is the last race before we go on break.  The staff of Mideast wishes each of you a safe, happy and memory filled summer.  Safety is important no matter where you are, at home or at Disneyworld!!    

The next time we will be together will be August 21-22 at Welborn Farms in Boonville!  Seems like so far away, but as we all know, time flies when you are having fun!!!

We often take for granted the very thing that most deserve our gratitude....

Hope to see everyone at Catfish Pond!!