Mid East Racing 

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Welborn Farms never disappoints Mideast when it comes to racing and adventure!  This past weekend was definitely filled with both.  Thank you to the Welborn Family for having us back !

The final stop before the summer break is June 18th & 19th in Fountain Inn , SC.  Beaver Pond was new in 2021 for Mideast.  Once the track crew gets the mileage together for the track, I will post all the updates .  I do know that Buren is making more parking and the start/finish line has been moved to a different spot.

Mideast is fortunate to have landowners who allow us to use their property to put on events for everyone to enjoy.  Please never take for granted that these tracks will always be available!   Inappropriate behavior by spectators and racers can result in the loss of that facility for future races.  Destruction of property is a sure way to get Mideast banned from property.   Parents it is your responsibility to know where your children are at all times!!  I feel that I am sounding like a broken record, but....I want everyone to know that your will be held accountable for your actions.   

Quite time starts at dark!!!  When it is dark outside, it is time for all motorcycles, four wheelers, SXS, golf carts, lawn mowers anything moving to be put up until the sun comes up in the morning!!!!!   There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be riding around the parking area, vendor area, track, start /finish line when it is dark.  Respect your neighbors, your fellow racers!!!!!    

Pit riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There has been a lot of chatter on Facebook this week concerning pit riding this past weekend.  There is a video posted of  a UTV going across the track during the race and a rider coming down the straight away heading for them.  Seriously!!   I am totally at wits end on pit riding.  We have tried to enforce the No pit riding, we had complaints.  We tried issuing a handicap or special needs sticker in order to ride golf cart or SXS around.  We would see someone other than the person who came to get the sticker driving the cart.  Finally we said ride slowly, first gear in the parking /vendor area.  People are continuing to fly through the parking lots /spectator areas, crossing the track with no respect of the riders who are racing or of themselves.    Parents are continuing to allow their young riders to ride all day in the these areas without supervision.  Some of these young riders are so small that they cannot be seen by people trying to park a camper or by someone in a big truck.   What is the answer?  Some of you suggested parking lot patrol..we have that.  Some suggested charging to pit ride like other series do...how successful have they been?  Not very successful according to feedback in the post.  What is the answer??   COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!   When you are driving on a public road or highway, you have respect for the others on the same road you are on.  Why can't we do that in an open field?   If you see a train coming, do you get on the tracks in front of it?  If  you see a stop sign, you stop.  Why can't you do that at the races?  Stay off the track when a race is in progress!!!!  It isn't hard to follow that rule!!!  Common sense!!!!!

Racing is racing.  However racing stops being racing when we feel the need  to put our hands on another rider other than to help them.  Things happen , we all loose our cool, we say things or do things that we normally would not do but that doesn't make it right.  Adults shouldn't hit a child nor should a child hit at an adult.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  All the parents and spectators who are in the woods helping ALL racers during a race a very much appreciated.  However it has been mentioned recently that some parents/spectators are intentionally grabbing or holding riders for no particular reason.  That is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the staff of Mideast.  If we find out your name  or can identify you via GoPro  footage , you will be asked to leave the premises and banned for the remainder of the year.  This is also true for those who wish to "lay hands" on fellow riders with the intentions of harm.

Mideast has the best staff of any series, hands down!  Lucas Towery proved that on Sunday when he jumped into action to help a rider and to prevent that situation from becoming much worse than it was.  Thank you Lucas!!  Glad that you are a part of Mideast!!.  Continue to remember, Tyler Palmer, Garrett Welborn, Zak  Jones, Stu Baylor,  and Benjamin Kelly in your thoughts and prayers.   Remember our elected leaders. our medical  personnel,  fire and police personnel and last but not least, each other!!

Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.

Hope to see everyone at Beaver Pond in Fountain Inn, June 18-19!

Buren & Sheila