Mid East Racing 

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The Gobbler did not disappoint!!  It is hard to believe that we are only 3 rounds from the end of the 2022 season!  Wow, where has time gone?

Next stop, Harris Bridge!  This is a track that has been on the Mideast calendar for several seasons.  Once the track crew starts tying things together as far as the track goes, I will post mileage updates and "obstacles" for you.  

At Harris Bridge, there will be a $5,000 purse for the Quads and $2,000 for the Pro UTV's.   Action OffRoad, Joe Vaughn and Matt Jones as well as Mideast are joining together to make this available for the Quads!!   The Pro winner will walk away with a minimum of $1500!!!  The Hole Shot will be $60 for each class that has a minimum of 5 riders,  This does not include the Team Sportsman, Sportsman or Trailriders classes.  Start spreading the word!!  There is a lot of money on the table for Quads at Harris Bridge!!!

Many of you are asking about drops and moving up in class.  You must run 11 of the 14 rounds to qualify for year end class points.  If you want to move up to the class that you are planning on running next year, be sure that you have your championship tied up.  Staff will not confirm for you that you have won the championship!  

Parents when you go with your Micro and Pee Wee riders to the starting line, you MUST STEP AWAY FROM THE RIDER WHEN RICKY SIGNALS 10 SECONDS!!!!!  This is a must!!  If you are still touching your rider when the flag drops, your rider will be penalized when they come through scoring on the first lap.   Do not be the cause of your rider getting that penalty.  Do not have a foot on quad or trying to help them stay straight on the bike.   STEP BACK!!!

Take time each day to remember Corey Benton, Trevor Bollinger, Mike Cline, Terry Reeves, Brandon Pettit, Evelyn Willis, our military, first responders, elected officials and others within the Mideast family.  We all are fighting battles of some sort everyday and could use the encouragement of others.  

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."

Online signup is open until Thursday September 29th at 11:00 p.m.

Hope to see everyone at Harris Bridge!

Buren and Sheila