Mid East Racing 

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There is something about Mideast racing and Virginia.....we have raced at Catfish Pond for three years and I think it has rained at some point during the weekend each time we have been there!!!  Even with the rain, Virginia is a beautiful state.

We are back in North Carolina for Round 8 of the 2022 season at Welborn Farms in Boonville NC.  This is a track that everyone enjoys!!  You have the opportunity to swing across the pond on the rope, drop in and cool yourself off after your race!!.  Track crew will begin working on the trails this week and I will post an update on mileage, jumps and obstacles mid week.

Racing is a sport just like football, basketball, soccer etc.  You are all athletes.  You train, you watch replays of your race, you practice in all types of weather and terrain all with the hopes and intentions of improving yourself for the next race.   Many of you have sponsors behind you helping keep your bike or quad in great condition for the next event.  These sponsors also help keep you looking sharp in new riding gear and helmets.  You may not have corporate sponsors behind your helping, it may be your parents, family members, work buddies  or it may be you totally on your own  However, you get up, show up and do the best that you possibly can to succeed in what you enjoy doing.    Mideast has always been blessed with riders who care about each other on and off the track.   We all know that in the heat of racing things happen and are said that normally aren't part of our day.  As with every sport, sportsmanship is very important in racing.  It isn't cool to intentionally run into your fellow racers, to threaten to beat them up, use profanity at them.  Does it happen, yes at ever race.  That doesn't make it ok.  We have had conservations before about passing riders in the woods.  How many times have you been driving on intestate and there is that one driver going exactly the speed limit , hanging in the left lane!!  Doesn't that make your blood boil?  It is the same in the woods, if someone is trying to pass you that is not in your class, if you can safely move over to let them get around, that is the sportsman thing to do.   The ladies in the signup trailer are giving you color stickers to put on the back of your helmet so you will know those who are in your class for this reason.   Everyone on that track wants to win!   

Online signup is open until 11:00 p.m. on Thursday night.    UTV's will be racing at this race.

Everyone of us are being effected by the things that are going on around us on a daily basis.  Take a few minutes out of your day to remember our country, our leaders, our police, fire and EMT's.  Remember your neighbors and fellow classmates.  All of us have our problems but they are easier to cope with when we ask for divine help.  Please continue to remember Zak Jones, Stu Baylor, Benjamin Kelly as they recover from their injuries.  

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see

When you see the photographers and vendors at the races, be sure to tell them THANK YOU for all they do for Mideast!

Look forward to seeing everyone at Welborn Farms May 28-29th!

Buren & Sheila